Seventeenth century Spain, either gifted or cursed, Jacobo is born with an ability to embed part of his soul within the sculptures he makes. His fate starts to unfold when he starts working as a sculptor in a peculiar castle near Barcelona. There, he lives among irregularities and starts to discover secrets that lurk behind the doors of his gothic home.

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The World Behind the Novel

Barcelona Spain

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Castellfollit de la Roca or the hanging town is situated in the Province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain

About Mai L. Herrero

Mai Lertkachonsuk Herrero was born in Thailand. She is a constant traveller. Her most favorite activity is reading in the comfort of her home or by the beach. She also loves to sing and is a member of Barcelona English Choir. She lives in Barcelona with her husband. The Echo a Lost Dream is her debut novel.

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